Women in information Security and Forensics

Women in Information Security and Forensics - The cyberspace community is transforming our environment and our culture today. Very little of this remains uninfluenced by it.This cyberspace in the society target women internet abuse and is a major victim for cybercrime. In the current scenario knowledge about information security and forensics helps the women from prone to cyber-attacks and act if a situation arises. Cybersecurity is one of the best profession for women, as the knowledge is must for them. Cybersecurity and forensics is a field with high job security along with attractive salary and incentives for women.

  • Typology and Victimization Patterns of online crime against women
  • Crime Hubs and Etiology Motifs
  • Essentials to maintain cyber hygiene
  • Cyber Space and related duties for women's rights
  • Legal perspectives of cybercrimes against Women
  • Cyber Victimization of Women and Cyber Laws in India
  • Forensics in tracking cybercrimes